Today's trading Ideas- 20/11/20 - Trade Markets
Today’s trading Ideas- 20/11/20

Today’s trading Ideas- 20/11/20

Today's trading ideas

So, today’s trading ideas are as follows

Today as we all know that it’s good to go with Banks and financial stocks and we have to trades to do and I’m very much excited to post this blog.

Note for today’s trading ideas

These ideas are well worked in the first 30 mins of the trading time, I mean from 9:15 AM – 9:45 AM. Let me know if have any queries. You can mail me – ( If you want to know how to trade after this time, just mail me)

Today also we have two calls, one is Bank Nifty Options and the next one is Intraday equity stock.

NameBajaj FinservBank Nifty
ExpiryIntradayNov month
Exit8120 / 8243 / 8387479 / 526
Stop loss7940365
trading ideas for Nov 20th

3 Reasons to Trade

Bajaj Finserv

  1. The stock is bullish and it can continue this trend.
  2. Mutual Fund houses are buying the stock from the last 2 weeks, which is a very good sign to consider.
  3. On above all these things, RBI comes up with a notification which says NBFC’s can become Banks soon. Check here.

Bank Nifty 29000 CE Nov

  1. The Bank Nifty Index looks good to rise today and RBI notification also plays a role.
  2. Volumes are increasing and Open Interest has increased significantly.
  3. On above all these things, It had formed a bullish candle on Daily charts. ( But keep a strict stop loss)

So, these are the today’s trading ideas and similarly, let’s see how much money this will make.

In addition to this, for more sure trades and consistent returns, you can read this. Happy Trading!

Let me know if have any queries. You can mail me –

Thank you, will meet you tomorrow morning. I would like to conclude it here by signing off (Above all, you can also learn these strategies here.)

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