Today's trading ideas - 04/12/2020 - Trade Markets
Today’s trading ideas – 04/12/2020

Today’s trading ideas – 04/12/2020

Today's trading ideas

So, today’s trading ideas are as follows

We had a very good day yesterday and today also I’m excited to post this blog. Let’s look into today’s trading ideas.

Note for today’s trading ideas

These ideas are well worked in the first 30 mins of the trading time, I mean from 9:15 AM – 9:45 AM. Let me know if have any queries. You can mail me –

Today also we have only one calls and most importantly today’s call is Intra-day equity stock.

NameSouth Indian Bank
Stop loss9
trading ideas for Dec 4th

Trading ideas for Dec 4th

3 Reasons to Trade

South Indian Bank

  1. The stock is very bullish and it can continue this trend.
  2. Portugal-based Pettigo Comercio Internacional LDA acquired 99,71,500 equity shares ie; close to 10 Million Equity shares. Which is very good sign.
  3. On above all these things, It had formed a bullish candle on Daily charts.

On Dec 3rd, we made decent amount of money with both the call of Tata Chemicals and Jindal Power and steel, you can read it here. So, these are the today’s trading ideas and similarly, let’s see how much money this will make.

Today you can also look into Airtel, idea and Granules India as well.

In addition to this, for more sure trades and consistent returns, you can read this. Happy Trading!

Almost most of the people have trading account these days, if you don’t have one and thinking to open, you can use this.

Let me know if have any queries. You can mail me –

Thank you, will meet you tomorrow morning. I would like to conclude it here by signing off (Above all, you can also learn these strategies here.)

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