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How to do Bank Nifty Intraday trading

How to do Bank Nifty Intraday trading

Bank nifty trade

Intraday trading is something that excites a lot of people and I’m also a part of it and more than this trading in bank nifty is something we are going to discuss here.SO, how to do bank nifty intraday trading.

As we discussed yesterday morning, it better to trade bank nifty and financial stocks because the results and outlook were good for most of the companies.

I usually do At the Money Strike Price and yesterday also I did the 29000CE and I was rewarded with decent 10% profit in next of minutes and we also done for the day as well.

In fact, I was about to take another trade at 1pm but due to some personal work I’m unable to do that.

Trade Details:

NameBank Nifty
ExpiryNov Month
Stop loss340

Strategy to Initiate Trade:

The market opened a bit low and it started recovering and I was confident that today’s market will not be trendy unlike Thursday apart from that all the financial stocks were doing quite well especially HDFC Bank.

So, without wasting time, I brought 29000CE and set the target for 10% and it got executed in next couple of minutes and I was done for the day as we have finished both the criteria ie; Rs. 3,000 or 10% profits which ever is higher.

Reasons for Profit of 10%:

  1. Sticking to Plan ( Plan is to get 7% – 12% return and close the trade)
  2. Right Entry & Exit Point ( Market just started recovering from the lows and I’m quick enough to pick and execute)
  3. Decent Margin ( Since market is sideways according to the Central Pivot Chart)
  4. Not getting Over whelmed ( Because sometimes I do more than 3-4 trades but today I didn’t, thanks to personal work)

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Let me know, you trading strategies in the comments, till then you can share this to your fellow traders. Happy Trading!

This is me, signing off!

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